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Romance and Sex Questions in an Airport [x]

Wow I take a lot of issue with this and the fact that it has so many notes.

Yeah, if anyone is looking for an intimate and meaningful relationship, they ARE going to feel insecure if you’ve “tried eating” 48 other individuals, let alone just one other. Deal with it and actually try to understand them, instead of trivializing their needs. And was it really necessary to compare sexual relationships with eating cheerios? As if society doesn’t objectify women enough as it is. =_=

I think you’re totally misreading this. First of all, NO ONE, not anyone on this planet earth, no matter how much they love you and want to be with you, has the right to make you feel bad for how many people you choose to sleep with. Absolutely no one. If you’re concerned about diseases or complications with past lovers, that’s one thing. But to treat someone like they’re used up because they’ve had a lot of partners. that is wrong. He’s not just talking about women in the cheerios description. He’s talking about people in general. He doesn’t even say whether he’s interested in woman or what. You made that assuption, along with several other assumptions. As someone who’s seen a few videos in John’s video series, I can tell you with absolute certainty that you are getting the wrong impression. 

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